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eCrime is the Research Group on eCriminology at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento. eCrime is the first research group in the world focusing on eCriminology. Its foundation is based on the awareness that ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is pervasively influencing contemporary society. The appellation eSociety has actually become quite common to define the society of information. In this connection, ICT and criminology need to integrate with and exert an influence on each other in order to create a new discipline: eCriminology. eCriminology is to eSociety as criminology was to “society”. eCriminology represents the21st century evolution of criminology.

eCrime is coordinated by Andrea Di Nicola, assistant professor in criminology and member of the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento. Its structure is not rigidly defined: as well as internal members of the Faculty, eCrime welcomes Italian and foreign researchers who work for other Universities or organisations. Its purpose is to create an open network, reminiscent of the Web itself, of top researchers sharing the same research interests and cooperating for an evolution of criminology towards new frontiers. While continuing to belong to his/her own organisation, each member also takes part in common research projects converging on eCrime.

Scientific Coordinator    
Andrea Di Nicola    
Vice Scientific Coordinator    
Giuseppe Espa    
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Professors Professors  
Antonino Alì Georgios A. Antonopoulos  
Diego Giuliani Carlo Morselli  
Fausto Giunchiglia Themis Palpanas  
  Barbara Vettori  
Post-doc Damián Zaitch  
Fabrizio Costantino    
Fiamma Terenghi Post-doc
Ilya Zaihrayeu Serena Bressan  
  Vincenzo Falletta  
Research collaborators Valentina Tenti  
Gabriele Baratto    
Maria Michela Dickson    
Alex Pellegrini    
Yuly Sanchez Quispe    
Michela Bertolani    
Roberta Carraro      
Ylenia Giordani      
Valentina Piol    
Administrative Staff    
Miodrag Petrovic    
Web and Graphic Design    
Damiano Salvetti