eCrime is the Research Group on eCriminology at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento. eCrime is the first research group in the world focusing on eCriminology. Its foundation is based on the awareness that ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is pervasively influencing contemporary society. The appellation eSociety has actually become quite common to define the society of information. In this connection, ICT and criminology need to integrate with and exert an influence on each other in order to create a new discipline: eCriminology. eCriminology is to eSociety as criminology was to “society”. eCriminology represents the21st century evolution of criminology.


Scientific Coordinator
Andrea Di Nicola
Vice Scientific Coordinator
Giuseppe Espa
Professors and RTD
Marco Bee
Maria Michela Dickson
Diego Giuliani
Flavio Santi
Research fellows and assistants
Daniela Andreatta
Gabriele Baratto
Valentina Piol
Heike Koehler
Francesco Tedone  
Administrative staff
Miodrag Petrovic
Web e Grafica
Damiano Salvetti